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About Community Service Help

At the heart of our program is the core principal that community service should be rehabilitative and not punitive. Our mission is to provide this rehabilitation through education to all at-risk individuals that are in need of an alternative and less costly method of performing community service.

Access to an alternative community service program is our goal. We feel that those who are unable to bear the burden of traditional community service need a way that they can comply with the courts and at the same time not further disrupt their lives. Through this program we have been able to serve customers from all walks of life. Some have difficulty locating a service location such as those in rural areas, others simply cannot make it to a location due to a disability, and still others cannot afford to inform their employers of their "outside of work" problems. We firmly believe that a person should be given a chance to serve their time and that their service in and of itself should be the extent of their punishment. Forcing them into situations where they lose money or put their employment at risk should not be a consequence of a community service sentence.

It is this overall philosophy that led us to the maturation of this program. When a person is sentenced to community service they are at a critical point in their life. They have entered the court system and they can either make changes in their lives going forward or they will stay in that court system realizing increasingly severe penalties over time.

Our program reduces stress on participants by making service easier to perform and at the same time provides a key element to successful rehabilitation, education. Studies have proven that through education we can make a positive change in the lives of at-risk individuals. Community Service Tennessee is delivering this education to these participants and therefore incorporating a rehabilitative element to community service.

We Will Save You Money

It is hard to believe that judges ever consider the cost of community service when they hand down a sentence. But the cost of the sentence is very real to those that are forced to serve and it can be very expensive. As an example of how the costs can add up, consider Rachel. Rachel was one of our customers who evaded the authorities for a long time but eventually it all caught up with her and she was given a 90 hour sentence. She told us that before she found our program that she was considering violating the court because she could not figure a way to take time off work, lose 90 hours of pay, pay for child care, and pay for the gas to and from service. She said that adding it all up it would have cost her almost $1700. Thankfully she found our program, served her time, saved a lot of money, and she even told us that the educational classes were interesting. This program has been designed for people like Rachel and you.

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